How can we reduce pollution and increase biodiversity by changing human behavior in order to improve the future life of the inhabitants of the AURA region?

Ferry sur l'eau

Lyon, a city crossed by rivers that are threatened by pollution.

            Lumifish intends to raise awareness about the state of big cities water and call for action. We wish to install a school of 8 luminous and interactive fishes accompanied by a display panel. These installations would be located near the docks to highlight the state of the water. In addition, an application will be made available on mobile application download platforms, in order to create, on the one hand, fun tabs such as the customization of one's own fish and, on the other hand, a communication space for companies wishing to communicate locally on their absence of impact  or even more their positive impact on aquatic life or the actions implemented to limit it, all with the aim of enriching their brand image. It will also be a way to collect data on new prospects. The application would ultimately be used by individuals and would allow them to adopt a virtual fish in order to take care of it, to interact with the fish in the water and to learn about / act on water pollution. The more you learn or act, the more you unlock insights into the fish as well as cosmetics on the app. 
We can help companies to communicate on its ecological actions by showing that it fights against pollution. We first target the fact that there is a very large flow of people who often walk along the docks and are disgusted by the state of the water.

Our first case of study is the great city of Lyon.




















We hope to be lucrative by renting out the schools of fish to companies willing to participate in the project. We hope to attract people's eyes by the aesthetics of our installations. With companies support, and our creation, we hope to make a difference.
We have as partners Nettoyons Lyon & Des espèces parmi'Lyon, Nettoyons Lyon is much talked about because they are already acting in a very effective way especially since last summer, they collected 50 000 kilos of waste. 

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Our solution answers the Unesco's sustainable development goals about life below water. 

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         The aquatic life of the waterways crossing Lyon is often forgotten since we see very little life from the surface. Our company Lumifish has been working on this problem. 
         We have developed a solution to attract the eyes of passers-by to the water by creating a tourist attraction on the banks of the Rhône and Saône rivers. This installation is a school of luminous artificial fish, slightly immersed in the water and with which anyone can interact from the quay through a mobile application. The objective is to arouse the curiosity of passers-by and to mark the minds with an aesthetic and interactive installation. 
         Our device can be rented by our clients, which will be companies whose objective is to make known their actions for the aquatic environment. 

Here is a diagram of how our system works : 








            An informative panel placed on the quay on which is written a summary of our project, its objectives as well as the message wished by our customer. This panel also serves as a link between the physical installation and the mobile application since a flash code allows to download it directly.
         The mobile application is the heart of our solution. Indeed, it offers several tabs:
The home screen, presenting a virtual fish linked to a fish physically in the water. The objective is to create an emotional link between the fish and the user like a Tamagotchi.  A Tamagotchi is a Japanese virtual pet, created in 1996 by the Japanese company Bandai. This game consists of simulating the education of an animal with the help of a miniature console, the size of a watch, equipped with a computer program. 
         Changing the color of your fish on the application has a direct impact on the appearance of the fish in the water.










                         A screen reserved for associations and companies that act to depollute and preserve water allowing them to make articles, to invite people to participate in actions. If a user gets involved, he earns points that he can then exchange for promo codes or unlock new modes of lighting on the fish.
    A tab for using the points collected where the user can choose to use his points as he wishes.

If you want to see our prototype, you can find it on our Hackster page

Schema_final_Lumifish_anglais_LE BON.png

Here you can observe three types of situations of meeting between citizens and our schools of fish, the first story is that of a little girl with her father, the second story is that of a student walking and the last, that of an elderly couple enjoying the sun during their walk. 


Our team

We are 4 students in our second year at the LDLC School. First of all, let me introduce you to Zacharie!


 Zacharie Bissay: 

















Zacharie is our manager for all the Technology and Usage aspect of the project. He is calm, thanks to his attention skills he remains unperturbed by the difficulties that the group may encounter during the progress of the project. He has good English skills, he is down to earth and therefore he can focus people's creativity to avoid going far away. 

   Baptiste Renard :

















Baptiste is our referent for the Corporate Life pillar, he is a federator & calm so he brings the team to many consensuses when opinions do not agree. With his ability to step back and adapt, he contributes a lot to the many twists and turns of the project.

     Gaël Courrege:















After Baptiste, we find Gaël Courrege. Gaël is the representative of the Perspectives & Realities pillar. 
His first quality is perseverance, a real engine of the project, he gives the rhythm to the project. With his adaptability as a key element, he knows how to deal with the many obstacles that the project may encounter along the way. Rigorous and patient, he brings his stone to the building in a masterly way.


   Arthur Bourdariat: 





Arthur, who is also your narrator for this page. I have a great imagination, a good capacity of organization. Being bilingual in English, I also ensure the exchanges with our international speakers. 

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If you wish to contact us, you can reach us through our Linkedin links or you can contact our school.


Our phone :  +33(0) 4 27 46 60 60
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